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This SPECIAL, 27-hole event is the first team event of the season – a 27-hole, 2-Player Scramble.

Entry fee will be $89 per player – it includes 27 holes of golf and range balls. There is a total of $80 per team in the Pro Golf Discount prize fund. There will also be special food & beverage options following the event.

It is still to be determined if this will be a shotgun start or tee times. This will be posted as soon as it is available.

RULES: This two player event will carry the following rules:

DRIVE: Each player must contribute a minimum of 10 drives and these must be clearly marked on the scorecard.

THROUGH THE HOLE: After the drive is selected, mark the spot of the best tee shot with a golf tee or ball marker. Direct other player to pick up their ball and hit from within one club length of the marked spot. (NOTE: A player may improve lie from r0ugh to fairway IF it is within 1 club length and no closer to the hole).

Continue selecting the best shot until one player hits the ball in the hole. The team score is total of the best shots.

PUTTING: While putting, place a ball marker even with your ball to note putting location.

HOLE SCORE: The team score is total of the best shots.

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