NEW UPDATES (5/9/19)

Below are links to two new documents regarding the tour scoring and rules.

2019 Scoring Update

Local Rules


Scoring System, Results and Leaderboard Format

Events will be Net Score Flight Tournaments with optional smaller Day Games.  Some events will be skins games or smaller tournaments with larger day games.

The Tour Championship will be an 18 hole Tournament with all point values doubled.

For all events, players accumulate PGS points, and Player of the Year points issued for all players.

The prize purse will be included in the entry fee and is between $25 and $30 per player. Events will be broken into flights based on total number of players participating in the event. In addition, Pro Golf Discount will add $10 store credit for each player in the field.


One third of each Flight or one third of the Field finishes “in the money”. Payouts are based on a percentage of purse to players and an example is that the top four places are paid in a 15 player Flight.

We will have two different Leaderboards to track this year:

  1. Flight winners by event
  2. Player of the Year

A Season-long Points Leaderboard will be kept for the following:

Event & Player of the Year Points System

All players will be awarded points for each event played. These points will be associated with the day’s event flight finish, and be put into your season-long points total accumulated.


  1. Points will be assigned based on NET flight finish per event.
  2. Players will play to their current GHIN index or their PGS tournament index (whichever is lower).  All indexes are calculated to a handicap based on the slope and rating of the tees played.  All adjustments are based on USGA guidelines.
  3. Player of the Year and PGS will both use the same FIXED point distribution listed below. All ties will have the points for each position added together and split evenly to all tied players.
  4. Here is the fixed point table.

Points…Rank by Flight

  • 200 – 1
  • 150 – 2
  • 110 – 3
  • 85 – 4
  • 50 – 5
  • 20 – 6 thru bottom of flight

PGS BONUS POINTS of 100 at your 5th event and an additional 100 on your 10th event.

This Point system is only for determining Player Of The Year Championship Bonus.


All PGS players in good standing will be involved at no additional cost. A point system (see below for details) will be based on overall net finish per flight, per event. The player with the most accumulated points from all events will finish first. The more tournaments you play, the more points you will accumulate. Top three players will receive awards and prizes to be determined, but will be something similar to Gift Cards and Certificates, Apparel, and Free or Discounted PGS membership for the following year.

Rules – USGA, LOCAL & Pace Of Play

USGA Rules will apply to all competition with recent changes

As is normally the case, some rules have been adjusted for 2019 by the USGA. We have attached a pdf which visually shows some of those changes.

There will also be local rules based on course conditions or event specific. All of these exceptions will be noted on daily event handout.

NEW: 18 Minute Rule

To keep the pace of play as brisk as possible, all groups must turn in their official scorecard at the end of their round to the scorers table with 18 minutes of the group in front of them.  A player will receive a two stroke penalty for being longer than 18 minutes off the group in front of them unless they finish less than 4 1/2 hours.

The PGS will review any special circumstances before penalizing.

This rule is designed to keep all players aware of pace of play, and always keep up with the group ahead of you, NOT in front of the group behind you.

If this happens, there will never an issue with slow play and long rounds will not be a PGS problem.